The Department of Chemistry at Western Michigan University offers graduate programs in chemistry that combine traditional classroom learning with a research experience to prepare a student in matters of critical thinking, experimental design and methodology, data evaluation and scientific ethics. Students will work with an advisor to select a research topic and achieve timely completion of research objectives through group meetings, routine reports, submission of manuscripts for publication, or presenting at local, regional or national meetings.

IMPORTANT: Applications are due February 1 for fall admission. The committee reviews applications in mid-February. You can expect a decision by March 15. *NOTE: Applications for self-funded students are accepted for ALL admission terms (spring, summer I, and fall). If you are self-funded please email immediately after submitting your application.

Graduate programs

American Chemical Society Certified

This degree is designed for those going into the chemical industry, though it can also be taken by those planning on graduate school in chemistry.

Graduate resources

2019-2020 Chemistry Graduate Student Handbook

WMU Graduate Permanent Program Master's Level

Thesis Approval Form - Master's

Application for Permission to Elect

Doctoral program of study

Doctoral candidacy

Dissertation Approval form – Ph.D.

Committee Appointment

3000-4000 Inclusion – Permission to Elect

Student Advisor Agreement

Laboratory Rotation Completion

Annual Review – Master's Students

Annual Review – Doctoral Students


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