Student in a labThe Department of Chemistry at Western Michigan University offers several different majors:

American Chemical Society Certified

This degree is designed for those going into the chemical industry, though it can also be taken by those planning on graduate school in chemistry.


The biochemistry program follows proposals by the American Chemical Society and the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. This curriculum is recommended if you are interested in a career in health sciences (medicine, dentistry, nutrition, pharmacology, etc.) or graduate career in biochemistry or molecular biology. It will be especially attractive to individuals who may take the Graduate Record Exam in biochemistry. Biochemistry is a growing field that is excellent for pre-health tracks.


The business-oriented chemistry major is available to provide the chemical understanding needed if you are preparing for a career in the chemical industry, outside the laboratory. This includes distribution of its products and technology—principally in the areas of management and sales—as well as some aspects of government service. This major covers a broad background of chemical science, without requiring as many specialized chemistry courses as the arts and sciences chemistry major, allowing you to minor in an area of business and become familiar with the skills of the business community. Completing this program allows you to easily move into a graduate program in the Haworth College of Business or Department of Chemistry with few course deficiencies to fill.


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