Master of Science

Person working on chemistry equipment.The Master of Science in chemistry at Western Michigan University is designed to provide a broad background in the various fields of chemistry with a concentration in one. This program is research based and a thesis of original research is required for graduation.

Placement exams

Placement examinations covering the fields of analytical, organic, inorganic, biochemistry and physical chemistry are scheduled during the week preceding each semester. If you are a new student, you are required to take all examinations before you start classes unless entering with an acknowledged deficiency. If you fail a placement examination, you will be required to attend the corresponding undergraduate course, if available, or repeat the placement examination if so advised. Enrollment in a 6000-level chemistry course is not permitted unless the appropriate placement examination has been passed.

Elected courses

You will elect 20 hours in the field of chemistry, including the master's thesis. Chemistry hours may be more than 20 depending on your background. Remaining hours, up to at least 30, may be in a related field or fields.

Course sequence

See the WMU catalog for the course sequence.