The Department of Chemistry at Western Michigan University offers several majors and minors.


Chemistry clears the way to many different pursuits including:

  • Positions in chemistry, teaching and research.
  • Preparing for graduate study in chemistry, biochemistry, medicine/dentistry or pharmaceuticals.
  • Working in environmental science and engineering, forensics, business and law.

Various majors are available, including secondary education (for students desiring to teach chemistry curriculum at the secondary level).


If you wish to minor in chemistry in the Department of Chemistry at Western Michigan University, you may choose a teaching or non-teaching minor.

  • Chemistry minor
  • The Department of Chemistry participates in the integrated science teaching minor for students in the secondary education curriculum. Chemistry minors in secondary education are required to take 20 credit hours of chemistry and one year of physics before beginning a student teaching program. For a full description of the program, consult a chemistry advisor.


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