The Department of Chemistry at Western Michigan University offers degree programs for students interested in:

  • Coursework suitable for a future related to business and sales within industrial chemistry.
  • Careers in academia.
  • Pursuing graduate studies and jobs in the laboratory and government.


Chemistry clears the way to many different pursuits including:

  • Positions in chemistry, teaching and research.
  • Preparing for graduate study in chemistry, biochemistry, medicine/dentistry or pharmaceuticals.
  • Working in environmental science and engineering, forensics, business and law.

Various majors are available, including secondary education (for students desiring to teach chemistry curriculum at the secondary level).

Chemistry courses offered by semester.



Graduate programs provide a broad background in chemical sciences while providing opportunities for students to work closely with faculty mentors. The M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in chemistry combine traditional classroom learning with a research experience to prepare a student in matters of critical thinking, experimental design and methodology, data evaluation and scientific ethics. Students will work with an advisor to select a research topic and achieve timely completion of research objectives through group meetings, routine reports, submission of manuscripts for publication, or presenting at local, regional, or national meetings.

Graduate Student Handbook


Graduate resources

WMU Graduate Permanent Program Master's Level

Thesis Approval Form - Master's

Application for Permission to Elect

Doctoral Program of Study

Doctoral Candidacy

Dissertation Approval form - PhD

Committee Appointment

3000-4000 Inclusion - Permission to Elect

Student Advisor Agreement

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Chemistry enrollment

As some of you already know, registering for chemistry courses has been difficult the last few semesters. Students are getting errors even though they are currently in the prerequisite or have the prerequisite in a past term.

There is a flaw in the WAY some students are registering for the CHEM course. If you do the following, you should have no issues (if you actually HAVE the prerequisite):

1) Find the CHEM lecture you want to take and NOTE the CRN on a piece of paper.
2) Find the CHEM lab section you want to take and NOTE the CRN as well.
3) Go to your drop/adds and scroll to "ADD TO WORKSHEET" and put BOTH CRNS in and save them at the same time.

If the course is FULL or you are still getting errors, please go to and fill out the enrollment request.


Students may find assistance for chemistry courses from student success resources coordinated by the College of Arts and Sciences.

The following sites and resources represent chemists.