Lab Safety

The Department of Chemistry at Western Michigan University strives to promote a culture of safety in the laboratory. Safety is an integral part of a successful work environment and is an essential ingredient of a well-rounded educational program involving chemical instruction and research. The primary safety related goal of the department is to create and nourish an atmosphere in which individuals are encouraged to recognize the value of safety to themselves and others. 

The safety program is supported by the department's safety, ethics, and compliance committee. The committee exercises oversight of lab safety, coordinates with Environmental Health and Safety, and advocates for compliance with University and local, state, or federal regulatory policies. The committee also reviews and updates the safety manual. 

Lab Safety Resources

In addition to the safety manual and lab safety checklist, lab occupants may reference the following materials:

  • American Chemical Society Guidelines for Chemical Laboratory Safety in Academic Institutions
  • American Chemical Society Safety in Academic Chemistry Labs
  • National Academies Press Prudent Practices in the Laboratory
  • Safety guidelines for teaching labs
  • Standard Operating Procedure template

If you have a safety concern, you may submit it anonymously.

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