Faculty Research

Faculty members in the Department of Chemistry at Western Michigan University engage in research as follows by discipline.

Analytical chemistry

Ramakrishna Guda, Ph.D.–nanomaterials, ultrafast laser spectroscopy

Andre Venter, Ph.D.–mass spectrometry method development, ambient ionization mass spectrometry developments, method development for the brewing industry including hops quality control


David Huffman, Ph.D.–metallobiochemistry, metal transport, protein design

Kelly Teske, Ph.D.–medicinal chemistry, cancer research, small molecule synthesis

Ricky Stull, Ph.D.–mechanistic enzymology, flavin-dependent enzymes, directed evolution

Chemistry education

Megan Grunert Kowalske, Ph.D.–diversity in chemistry and other sciences, motivational theories, educational psychology and curriculum development to foster inclusive education

Inorganic chemistry

Gellert Mezei, Ph.D.–inorganic synthesis, supramolecular chemistry

Ekk Sinn, Ph.D.–sensors for nerve gases and toxic metals, mimics for enzymes, molecular magnets and molecular electronics

Organic chemistry

Gellert Mezei, Ph.D.–organic synthesis, supramolecular chemistry

Elke Schoffers, Ph.D.–synthesis of bioactive molecules, ligand design for supramolecular chemistry

Physical chemistry

John Miller, Ph.D.–biofuels and waste reduction, photochemistry of surfaces, atmospheric aerosols

Yirong Mo, Ph.D.–theoretical chemistry, computational chemistry, computer simulation of enzymes