Chemistry BuildingStudents majoring in chemistry at Western Michigan University may prepare for a career in industry, teaching or graduate study in chemistry, biochemistry, medicine and dentistry or pharmaceuticals.

Department of Chemistry research takes collaboration from a wide range of fields. These research efforts enrich the curriculum through existing courses and independent study opportunities.

Vision Statement

The Department of Chemistry provides leadership in an environment that promotes teaching, learning, research and scholarship. Our students become critical thinkers and problem solvers, enabling them to meet future challenges and become leaders in a complex and diverse global society.


The department is located in:

Undergraduate statistics

In a typical year:

  • Over 2500 students enroll in undergraduate chemistry courses.
  • A total of 12,500 credit hours are provided.
  • There are 120 students enrolled as chemistry majors, and 425 as minors.

Our Progress

  • 2016: The Chemistry Education Center, room 3880 of the Chemistry Building, was completed.
  • 2007: New Chemistry Building opened.
  • 1966: The Ph.D. program was started.
  • 1961: The first degree was granted.
  • 1958: The M.A. program was formally approved.
  • 1915: The first science building (West Hall) was erected.
  • 1911: The Department of Chemistry was established as a separate unit with Dr. William McCracken as the sole faculty member.