Students conducting an experiment.Students in the Department of Chemistry at Western Michigan University must meet regularly with a Department of Chemistry advisor during posted hours to ensure completion of all graduation requirements. It is each student's responsibility to schedule appointments in a timely manner to meet graduation deadlines in the academic calendar. Students can find course offerings for a specific term. The undergraduate catalog provides course descriptions as well as department and program information for major and minor options.

Major or minor requirements | Placement | Enrollment tips | Graduate advising

Undergraduate advising

In accordance with CDC recommendations, and for the benefit of advisors and students, we are actively practicing social distancing. While courses are being offered through distance education for the remainder of the semester, academic advising services in the Department of Chemistry will be offered from a distance as our staff works remotely during this time. You will be able to receive advising assistance at a distance via email.  Please email for all advising inquiries and someone will respond as soon as they are available.

Undergraduate advisors

  • Contact the College of Arts and Sciences advising office at with any questions.
  • For students interested in teaching chemistry at the secondary education level, contact the College of Arts and Sciences Secondary Education Pathway advisor at 269-387-4366.

Major or minor requirements

  • Make an advising appointment to declare your major or minor.
  • If your major is in chemistry, complete your last 14 credit hours in the Department of Chemistry at WMU.
  • If your minor is in chemistry, you must complete 20 credits of Chemistry courses and your last 7 credit hours must be taken at WMU. In addition you must take at least one course that contains a laboratory experience in the Department of Chemistry at WMU.
  • If you have chosen any chemistry major, successfully completing CHEM 4360: Physical Chemistry Laboratory will satisfy your baccalaureate-level writing requirement.

Students majoring in chemistry are encouraged, but not required, to minor in physics, mathematics or biology.

Enrollment Assistance

  • If you are currently taking a pre-requisite at another college of university, or plan to before the semester for which you would like to register, please email with your name and WIN as well as the semester, course number and associated CRNs for each course.
  • Some students receive enrollment errors while attempting to register for classes even when they have satisfied the prerequisites. This is due to the requirement of registering for the lecture and lab simultaneously. The following procedure should eliminate most issues:
  1. When in the registration menu select course offerings.
  2. Find the lecture that you would like to take and select ADD TO WORKSHEET
  3. Find the lab that you would like to take and select ADD TO WORKSHEET
  4. Once both lecture and lab have been added to your worksheet, select SUBMIT CHANGES and both courses will be added to your schedule.

We will not waive a pre-requisite for any reason.

If you are still receiving an error please email with your name and WIN as well as the semester, course number and associated CRNs for each course.

Third time enrollment

  • Students who attempt a chemistry course and twice have received a non-passing grade (DC or below) must go through an academic advisor to be able to register for the same course for a third time.
  • To start this process, students first make an appointment with an advisor at least two weeks before the start of the semester for which they are requesting third time enrollment.
  • Students are highly encouraged to bring this completed request for repeat enrollment form with them to their advising appointment.
  • Give yourself lots of time to complete the entire process. There are multiple conversations and several signatures to obtain in order to register for the third time. If you know NOW you will not pass your current chemistry course, make your advising appointment TODAY!
  • The Chemistry Department will not register third-time enrollees beyond the first day of the start of the semester requested.

Graduate advising

If you plan to attend graduate school in chemistry, we discourage you from taking courses under the credit-no credit option. Graduate course descriptions are listed in the WMU catalog.

Master's and doctoral students are to meet with the graduate advisor, Dr. Ramakrishna Guda, for their curriculum requirements.