Sponsored Elements

Periodic Table of Elements mural

The Department of Chemistry at Western Michigan University thanks the donors who have purchased and sponsored elements to assist chemistry students in times of crisis and need. The plaques are mounted prominently in the main foyer of the new chemistry building in a large scale periodic table mural. Elements are still available for sponsorship.

Elements with sponsors

1. H (Hydrogen) James and Lois Richmond

2. He (Helium) Anonymous

3. Li (Lithium) Connie Susan Bashaw, wife and best friend

4. Be (Beryllium) Miller-Davis Company in honor of Robert Beam

5. B (Boron) Dedicated to the Twenty Mule Team Chemists

6. C (Carbon) Robert and Kathleen Gadwood on behalf of Kalexsyn, Inc

7. N (Nitrogen) Robert and Kathleen Gadwood on behalf of Kalexsyn, Inc

9. F (Fluorine) The Oliver and Hazel Jensen Family

10. Ne (Neon) Lynnette K. Abbate and Michael J. Barcelona, Light it up Neon

13. Al (Aluminum) Dr. Jay C. Means, Chairman 1997-2002, Leader. Scholar.

14. Si (Silicon) David S. Ansel, the Wacker Chemical Corporation

17. Cl (Chlorine) John E. Chateauneuf, Scientist

19. K (Potassium) Michael L. Kiella and Barbara Hines-Kiella

20. Ca (Calcium) Perrigo Company, Allegan, MI

21. Sc (Scandium) The Schreibers. Donald, Leslie, Christian and Brian

22. Ti (Titanium) Mathew T. Reding, Jennifer L. WhiteReding

23. V (Vanadium) VWR International, Inc.

24. Cr (Chromium) Prentice Hall, College Publishing

25. Mn (Manganese) Michael E. McCarville, Ph.D.

26. Fe (Iron) Mary Brown & Donald J. Brown

27. Co (Cobalt) Martha J. Petry and Dr. Michael J. Barcelona

28. Ni (Nickel) Curt and PJ Shaneour

29. Cu (Copper) Diane D. Kordich and Russell M. Magnaghi

30. Zn (Zinc) Ivano Bertini

31. Ga (Gallium) In memory of William G. Barnes

32. Ge (Germanium) Dr. Elke Schoffers, Lehrerin UND Forscherin

33. As (Arsenic) Richard A. Cahill, Chemist. Illinois State Geological Survey

34. Se (Selenium) Dr. Susan R. Stapleton. Passionate Mentor

35. Br (Bromine) Bruno and Ruth Bock. Lindlar, Germany

36. Kr (Krypton) Clark Kent and Louis Lane

37. Rb (Rubidium) In memory of Robert R. and Betty P. Schreiber

38. Sr (Strontium) In honor of Collin and Jacob Stapleton-Reinhold

39. Y (Yttrium) Kate Shaw and Andy Low

40. Zr (Zirconium) Mathew T. Reding and Jennifer L. WhiteReding

44. Ru (Ruthenium) Dr. Marc Perkovic (1961-2006). Colleague and friend

48. Cd (Cadmium) Dr. Joe Davis. Chemistry instructor and alumnus

50. Sn (Tin) Mr. David Ansel (1974). Wacker Chemical Corporation

51. Sb (Antimony) In memory of Susan E. Burns. Ph.D.

54. Xe (Xenon) In memory of Bill Van Meter

55. Cs (Caesium) Carolyn Survilla Hornev. Grow in knowledge and life

56. Ba (Barium) Chemistry department faculty, staff and students for MJB

57. La (Lanthanum) Loren LaPointe, B.S. biochemistry 2008

60. Nd (Neodymium) In memory of Brian A. Zeider, PhD

61. Pm (Promethium) William F. Muirhead

62. Sm (Samarium) In memory of Annie Ruth Dobbs

64. Gd (Gadolinium) Dr. George Slomp, Ph.D., Upjohn chemist, NMR pioneer

66. Dy (Dysprosium) In memory of Elizabeth C. (Res) and Henry Raymond Doherty

72. Hf (Hafnium) Herb Fynewever

74. W (Tungsten) Chemistry Club 2007

75. Re (Rhenium) David N. Rice 

76. Os (Osmium) OSL's SOC's POD's Intern OC Orientation Staff of 2007

77. Ir (Iridium) Michael Shubeck, B.A. 72, M.A. 75

80. Hg (Mercury) Dr. Gary Blackmer, Chemist, Advisor, Educator

82. Pb (Lead) Solomon Bera Simiyu, Ph.D. Biodiesel 2009, Kenya

83. Bi (Bismuth) Perrigo AR and D

84. Po (Polonium) Doreen and Dr. Joe Odziana, "Thank you madame"

85. At (Astatine) Dr. Hashem Akhavan-Tafti, alumnus and friend

86. Rn (Radon) Rodesiler-Norton, Two Generations

88. Ra (Radium) Craig and Heather Kortlandt

90. Th (Thorium) Therese, Elizabeth, Benjamin and John Miller

91. Pa (Protactinium) Paul and Anne Pancella, Physics is your phrend

92. U (Uranium) Robert L. and Lois M. Lemon

94. Pu (Plutonium) Robert Slagel

95. Am (Americium) In honor of Antonina Marino Morcelle

97. Bk (Berkelium) Honoring Dr. Gary L. Blackmer, Chairman 2013-2016

98. Cf (Californium) In memory of John Chateauneuf, Ph.D.

99. Es. (Einsteinium) Darrell R Latva, D.P.M, 1974; Ashley R. Latva, B.S, 2007

101. Md (Mendelevium) Miller-Davis Company

103. Lr (Lawrencium) Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lawrence

106. Sg (Seaborgium) Dr. Judith I. Bailey and Brendon S. Bailey

110. Ds (Darmstadtium) In honor and memory of Doris E. (Tower) & Harold L. Miller

116. Lv (Livermorium) Aura Ines Heinz