4+1 Graduate Program with Kalamazoo College

The Department of Comparative Religion at Western Michigan University is pleased to announce the creation of a 4+1 graduate program with the Department of Religion at Kalamazoo College. Under the program students majoring in religion at K College will be able to transfer up to 12 credit hours of work towards their master's degree in comparative religion at WMU. The first students to take advantage of the program began their graduate studies at WMU in 2018.

Course transfer

Up to six credit hours may be transferred directly for credit from K College to WMU upon the successful completion of at least two of the following Kalamazoo College courses with a grade of B or better:

RELG 200–Religion and Science
RELG 201/ARTX 205/SEMN 205–Religious Art and Material Culture
RELG 202/SEMN 230–Same Sex, Gender, and Religion
RELG 204–Feminist Studies in Religion
RELG 210–Sex and the Bible
RELG 211/CLAS 255–Religion From Alexander to Constantine
RELG 212–Contemporary Biblical Studies
RELG/SEMN 213–Christianity & the Family
RELG/HIST 218–American Jewish Experience
RELG 220–Catholicism in the Americas
RELG 221–Black Religious Experiences in the Americas
RELG 250–Buddhism in East Asia
RELG 251–Buddhas and Buddhist Philosophies
RELG 260/CLAS 261–Judaism in Antiquity
RELG/HIST 263–Jews in a Changing Europe, 1750-1880
RELG/HIST 264–Jewish Revolutions: 1881-1967
RELG/HIST 265–Zionism: From Idea to State
RELG/HIST 267–Women and Judaism
RELG/HIST/SEMN 268–Jews on Film
RELG 270–Islam in the Modern World
RELG/AFST/HIST 274–Islam in Africa
RELG/HIST 275/SEMN 274–African Christianity
RELG 295–Religion & Sexuality in the US
RELG 295–Race, Religion, and Migration in the US
RELG 295–Love in a Dead Language
RELG 295–Race and Islam in America

To receive up to six credits at WMU as REL 5000 equivalents, students from Kalamazoo College will be required to submit their final writing projects from any of the following Kalamazoo College courses for evaluation by the WMU Department of Comparative Religion faculty. The work will be graded "credit" or "no credit." "Credit" will be posted on the transcript as "Credit earned by examination" without letter grade or honor points. Examination fees are assessed on a credit hour basis and are the same for all students.

RELG 390–Junior Seminar in Religion
RELG 490–Senior Seminar in Religion
RELG 593–Senior Individualized Project


Contact graduate advisor Dr. Stephen Covell for more information.