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The David Ede Fund

Dr. David EdeDr. David Ede was a longtime Western Michigan University professor, serving as a faculty member since 1970 and holding the rank of associate professor since 1980. He was appointed chair of the Department of Comparative Religion in June 2007.

Ede loved teaching, and loved the difference he could make to his students. However, he was truly more than a professor. He was also a mentor, to his students as well as to other faculty, who felt at ease around the generous, gregarious colleague. Ede often entertained students and colleagues at his home. In addition to great conversations on religion and politics, he could break into song and dance at the drop of a hat. He was a man who taught us that the world is far too big a place for small minds, and to see things from a different point of view. Today his life and his lessons live on in all who knew him. Generations of WMU students are indebted to Ede for introducing them to the richness of the Islamic tradition in a sensitive yet critical manner.

Donations to the David Ede Fund will be used to support the department and its activities, including projects near and dear to Ede such as the Comparative Religion Digitalization Project that supports innovation in the teaching and research of Islamic studies.

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