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Distinguished alumni

2018- Alredo Hernandez
2017–Stephen Shick
2014–Hilman Latief
2013–Richelle Mead
2012–Christine Blakeney
2011–Nadia Tremonti
2009–Rebecca Lyman
2008–Daniel Pellegrom
2005–Joel Olah
2004–Robert McCauley
2003–Edward Gaskin
2002–Edward Linethal

Presidential scholars

2018- Sacelia Strong-Sangster
–Lisa Pratt
2016–Rachael Pulice
2015–Danton Lloyd
2014–Xandra Duelge
2013–Megan Schultz
2012–Laura Wagner
2011–Brittany Tovar
2010–Rachel Nicholls
2009–Diane Hall
2008–Sara Dorrien
2007–Leah DuBuc
2006–Aliisa Lahti
2005–Kevin Walters
2004–Nathan Burtch
2003–Khalid Al-Yabhouni
2002–Derek Pollard
2001–Justin Tack
2000–Renee Kuhn
1999–Bjorn Sorenson
1998–Laurie VanPutten
1997–Chandler Marietta
1996–Michael Hough
1995–Ellen Muehlberger
1994–Jami Uher
1993–Heather Dulin
1992–Charles Smith
1991–Brian Malley
1990–Andra Elksnis
1989–Larry Hoxey
1988–Suzanne Forsch
1987–H. Skott Brill
1986–Eiman Kamal
1985–Senta Rose
1984–Lisa Irwin
1983–Linda Valdez
1982–Susan Grabber
1981–Marilyn Miller

Undergraduate Award for Academic Excellence

2018-19- Morgan Cox
-Jacob Hoogendyk
–Andrew Alm
2015-16–Christina Baytops
2014-15–Rachael Pulice
2013-14–Danton Lloyd
2012-13–Joshua Withee
2011-12–Erin Sweeney
2010-11–Scott Watson