Gwen Frostic Doctoral Fellowships

a photo of a student teacher showing elementary students how to use a digital camera in a classroom. The camera is on a tripod which is set at table height to capture an image of a paper that's been placed on the table.

Gwen Frostic Doctoral Fellowships are funded from an endowment by the late poet, artist, and naturalist, Gwen Frostic, a Western Michigan University alumna, class of 1929. Awards assist recipients in all disciplines with doctoral dissertation completion. Applicants should be within one year of dissertation completion.

These highly competitive fellowships will be awarded semi-annually to doctoral students engaged in dissertation research in any field. The fellowships, in an amount to be determined by the Graduate College, will defray educational expenses, including tuition and fees, materials, and travel related directly to the completion of the dissertation. Purchase of computers is not permitted. Funds must be spent in the year (365 days) following the award. The award terminates when the doctoral degree has been conferred.

Once the Graduate College announces the application deadline, students may be nominated via ONE Letter of Recommendation by their dissertation advisor OR the department chair OR the graduate program advisor. Please refer to the application for detailed information regarding requirements for (a) Letter of recommendation; (b) student eligibility; and (c) application.

Eligibility Criteria:

Nominees must have a Dissertation Proposal Approval Form (NOT THE PROPOSAL) on file at the Graduate College. Nominees must (a) be in good academic standing; (b) be an enrolled student; (c) have met the residency requirement, if applicable: be enrolled full time in two consecutive semesters in an academic year; enrollment in both summer sessions is equivalent to one semester; and (d) demonstrate progress toward degree completion.

Guidelines for the application process : 

The application process for the Gwen Frostic Doctoral Fellowship is currently under revision.  Please check back for information about deadlines and how to apply.  

Page updated June 21, 2018