PSCI academics

Politics permeate every aspect of our life, from local funding for public education to global challenges. Studying political science in the Department of Political Science at Western Michigan University will give you practical knowledge and conceptual tools to pursue careers in law, business, journalism, public service and education.

Undergraduate programs

Political science majors appeal to students with career interests in politics and government, business, education and law.

Introductory political science courses give students a broad, solid grounding in the discipline. In the more advanced courses, students interact and work closely with a diverse faculty engaged in cutting-edge research.

Political science minors
are specially designed for those who want to study political science without pursuing a political science major.

Graduate programs

Graduate programs are designed to appeal to students interested in expanding their political science training and to prepare students for professional careers within the scholarly community as teachers, researchers and academic investigators, or within public or private agencies as senior policy analysts. The Department of Political Science offers four graduate degree programs:

Beyond the classroom

WMU’s political science majors regularly participate in special programs and student organizations such as:

WMU’s Institute of Government and Politics plans lectures and events that may be of interest to undergraduates.

Many students gain valuable, hands-on experience by interning in an office where people practice politics, policy making, law or international development. WMU students intern in southwest Michigan; Lansing, Mich.; Washington, D.C.; and even internationally. The Capital Intern Program provides transportation for selected students to work in Lansing during the spring semester.