4+1 Graduate Program with Albion College

The Department of Political Science at Western Michigan University is pleased to announce the creation of a 4+1 graduate program with the Department of Political Science at Albion College. As stated in this Cooperative Agreement between Western Michigan University (WMU) and Albion College, Albion College students may be able to transfer a maximum of six undergraduate credits (non-entry level) between Albion and WMU for application toward a WMU master's degree in political science. Additionally, Albion students may also be able to obtain from WMU a maximum of three graduate credits by examination based on advanced level coursework at Albion. Combined, students may acquire a maximum of nine credits that can be applied toward a master's degree in political science from WMU.


Up to six credit hours may be transferred to WMU from Albion with the successful completion of any combination of the following courses with a grade of B or better:

PLSC 309: Religion and Research Methods
PLSC 312: American Political Development
PLSC 324: Civil Rights and Civil Liberties
PLSC 336: International Relations
PLSC 338: International Political Economy
PLSC 351: Modern Political Thought
PLSC 357: International Law and Politics
PLSC 372: Gender, Sex and International Politics
PLSC 404: Causes of War
PLSC 405: National Security Policy
PLSC 406: Privacy and the Surveillance Society
PLSC 401: Special Topics Seminar
PLSC 402: Special Topics Seminar

Credit by examination: a total of 3 credit hours based on the evaluation of the senior thesis may be applied toward a master’s degree at WMU. WMU Department of Political Science Faculty will determine the basis for evaluation and the awarding of credit. 


Contact graduate advisor Dr. Priscilla Lambert for more information.