Scholarships and Awards

  • Dr. Gunther Hega (honors committee chair), Jennifer Strebs (undergraduate political science major), Denise Hartsough (League of Women Voters of Kalamazoo Area), Dr. John Clark (department chair)

  • Dr. John Clark (department chair), Manuel Soque (doctoral graduate assistant), Rei Gordon (masters graduate assistant), Dr. Priscilla Lambert (graduate director)

  • Dr. Gunther Hega (honors committee chair), Jack Levy (undergraduate political science major), Dr. John Clark (department chair) 

  • Dr. John Clark (department chair), Ms. Raye Ziring (Lawrence Ziring's wife), Lissette Reyes Segura (Masters in International Development Administration student), Dr. Priscilla Lambert (graduate director)

  • Tristan McKune (undergraduate political science major) and Donald Gilmer

Scholarships and awards from the Department of Political Science at Western Michigan University acknowledge outstanding political science students and provide assistance in their studies.

Undergraduate scholarships

Graduate scholarships