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Students describe their research and conclusions at the end of each semester.

The Department of Biological Sciences at Western Michigan University encompasses a variety of disciplines that involve the study of living matter in all of its wonderfully diverse forms.

The department strives to provide an environment that fosters excitement and curiosity about the life sciences. Our programs prepare students to function as productive members of the academic, as well as private and public, scientific communities.


The biological sciences programs provide you with effective and up-to-date knowledge and training in various areas of the life sciences, including medical aspects of human biology.



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Our biological sciences graduate programs reflect the broad spectrum of these disciplines, giving you the opportunity to receive advanced training in specialties ranging from cellular and molecular biology to ecology and evolution.

The diversity of our graduate faculty permits you to tailor a program that meets your individual needs and career goals. The department also works closely with local industry and local hospitals to provide graduates with specific training that will help them attain their career goals.

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