The Department of Biological Sciences at Western Michigan University encompasses a variety of disciplines that involve the study of living matter in all of its wonderfully diverse forms. WMU has a campus-wide commitment to academic rigor, service, inclusivity, collaboration, economic development, sustainability and good stewardship of institutional resources.

Our department promotes:

  • Effective service and public outreach.
  • Scientific research and discovery by its faculty and students.
  • The education and engagement of students in the biological sciences.

Our faculty and students:

  • Are actively engaged in the pursuit and dissemination of biological knowledge.
  • Are productive and informed participants in the community.
  • Collaborate to promote student success and critical thinking, with the goal that our students are recognized for their skills and ability to understand and communicate the significance of biological concepts, techniques and applications.


Our programs are regularly assessed to:

  • Determine how effectively we meet our intended student learning outcomes.
  • Improve the design and implementation of our curricula and departmental infrastructure.
  • Assure that they have implementable goals, objectives and student learning outcomes.

Why should you study at WMU?

  • WMU has recently been ranked in the highest category of research institutions by the Carnegie Foundation, along with Michigan State University, the University of Michigan and Wayne State University.
  • WMU has recently been rated as one of the nation’s 90 best public universities by U.S. News & World Report, and among America’s 100 best college values.
  • The Department of Biological Sciences has an energetic faculty with a very high rate of external funding.