Career Guidance

The Department of Biomedical Sciences at Western Michigan University prepares students for a broad range of career paths and provides information about potential biology careers and job resources.

Careers by degree

The department offers major and minor programs designed to provide today's student with effective training and knowledge in the diverse areas of the life sciences.


The biology major provides training for students in the broad spectrum of the life sciences. The major provides sound preparation for technical positions in industry or government, for careers in some agricultural specialties and for graduate studies that involve further specialization.

Biomedical sciences

The biomedical sciences major prepares students for careers with concentration in areas related to human and molecular biology such as anatomy, cellular biology, genetics, microbiology and physiology. Qualified majors go on to attend medical, dental and other professional schools.

Biology secondary education

The biology secondary education major gives students a broad-based education in plant, animal and microbial biology—essential for those who will become effective high school teachers.