Students enjoy learning from and with the highly qualified faculty members from the Department of Biological Sciences at Western Michigan University, who are personally engaged in students' academic programs and who also continue to be learners themselves. The majority of our faculty have the highest degrees awarded in their fields of emphasis and have received those degrees from institutions around the country and the world.

Faculty research publications

(Bold = Biological Sciences Faculty, * = Biological Sciences Graduate Student, ** = Biological Sciences Undergraduate Student)

*Nicole M. Dubs, *Breck R. Davis, *Victor de Brito, **Kate C. Colebrook, **Ian J. Tiefel, **Madison B. Nakayama, ***Ruiqi Huang, *Samantha J. Hack, **Brent Inkelaar, **Talline R. Martins, **Sarah M. Aartila, **Kelli S. Albritton, *Sarah Almuhanna, **Ryan J. Arnoldi, **Clara K. Austin, **Amber C. Battle, **Gregory R. Begeman, **Caitlin M. Bickings, **Jonathon T. Bradfield, **Eric C. Branch, **Eric P. Conti, **Breana Cooley, **Nicole M. Dotson, **Cheyone J. Evans, **Amber S. Fries, **Ivan G.Gilbert, **Weston D. Hillier, **Pornkamol Huang, **Kaitlin W. Hyde, **Filip Jevtovic, **Mark C. Johnson, **Julie L. Keeler, *Albert Lam, **Kyle M. Leach, **Audrey E. Ledvina, **Jeremy D. Livsey, **Jonathan T. Lo, **Kevin R. Loney, *Nich W. Martin, *Amber S. Mazahem, *Aurora N. Mokris, **Destiny M. Nichols, *Ruchi Ojha, **Nnanna N. Okorafor, *Joshua R. Paris, **Thais Fuscaldi Reboucas, **Pedro Beretta Sant'Anna, **Mathew R. Seitz, **Nathan R. Seymour, **Lila K. Slaski, **Stephen O. Stemaly, **Benjamin R. Ulrich, **Emile N. Van Meter, **Meghan L. Young & Todd J. Barkman. A collaborative classroom investigation of the evolution of SABATH methyltransferase substrate preference shifts over 120 million years of flowering plant history. Molecular Biology and Evolution, Volume 39, Issue 3, March 2022.

Choudhary, Vishakha, Kevin Wu, Zhiyao Zhang, Mark Dulchavsky, Todd Barkman, James C. A. Bardwell and Frederick Stull. 2022. The enzyme pseudooxynicotine amine oxidase from Pseudomonas putida S16 is not an oxidase, but a dehydrogenase. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 298(8): 102251.

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*Ellen Badger Hanson, Kathryn M. Docherty. Mini-review: Current and Future Perspectives on Microbially Focused Restoration Strategies in Tallgrass Prairies. Microbial Ecology. (2022) Accepted.

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**Sadia I. Kana, **Michael L. Monaco, Steven L. Kohler, Robert Eversole and Karim Essani. Colorectal cancer xenografts regressed by FliC  expressing tanapoxvirus in an immunologically reconstituted mouse model. Japanese J. Gastroenterology (accepted for publication).

**Grabarczyk EE, Gill SA, Vonhof MJ, Alabady MS, Wang Z, Schmidt JM. 2022 Diet composition and diversity does not explain fewer, smaller urban nestlings. PLoS One 17:e0264381.

Turcotte-van de Rydt AV, Petalas C, **Sblendorio J, Pearl CA, Gill SA, Guigueno MF. 2022. Clutch abandoning parasitized yellow warblers have increased circulating corticosterone with no effect of past corticosterone or differences in egg maculation characteristics. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 10:711732

Cody H Pham, J Jordan Price, Jason M Tallant, David N Karowe. Climate change is predicted to reduce sympatry among North American woodwarblers. Ornithological Applications, Published online: 09 July 2022.

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