The faculty in the Department of Biological Sciences at Western Michigan University have received the following grants:

  • Dr. Todd Barkman
    Title: Ghosts of Evolution Past: Resurrecting an Extinct Ancestral Enzyme to Understand the Origins of Modern-Day Biochemical Activities.
    Source: National Science Foundation

  • Dr. Wendy Beane
    Title: Regeneration in Planarians.
    Source: National Science Foundation
  • Dr. Tiffany Bloom
    Title: Tracking Biodiversity.
    Source: Michigan Sea Grant
  • Dr. Christine Byrd-Jacobs
    Title: Olfactory Bulb Cell Genesis and Survival in a Model of Reversible Deafferentation.
    Source: National Institutes of Health

  • Dr. Kathryn Docherty (co-principal investigator)
    Title: The Influence of Road Deicers on the Chemistry of Michigan Lakes.
    Source: Michigan Department of Environmental Quality

  • Dr. Kathryn Docherty
    Title: Examining Vertical Changes in the Air Microbiome Associated with Land Use and Seasonality.
    Source: Michigan Space Grant Consortium

  • Dr. Kathryn Docherty
    Title: Enhancing Soil Microbial Services in an Agricultural Ecosystem.
    Source: Edward Lowe Foundation

  • Dr. Karim Essani
    Title: TPV Variants MI Kickstart.

    Source: University of Michigan

  • Dr. Rob Eversole (co-principal investigator)
    Title: Flubendazole Efficacy Study.
    Source: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

  • Dr. Susan Stapleton
    Title: Developing Scientists as Teachers; Developing Students as Scientists: A Dual Approach to Transforming the Culture of Undergraduate Biology Education.
    Source: Howard Hughes Medical Institute

  • Dr. Sharon Gill
    Title: Integrating Approaches from Behavior and Engineering to Explore how Male Songbirds Respond to Anthropogenic Noise.
    Source: National Science Foundation

  • Dr. Sharon Gill (co-principal investigators: Maarten Vonhof, Kathleen Baker and Nate Fuller)
    Title: Conserving Soundscapes at Local Preserves: A pilot program.
    Source: Eppley Foundation

  • Dr. Pam Hoppe
    Title: Defining the Role of the Protein Kinase UNC–82 in Organizing Muscle Contractile Filaments.
    Source: Faculty Research and Creative Activities Award

  • Dr. Charles Ide
    Title: Risk Analysis Straits Pipeline.
    Source: Michigan Technological University

  • Dr. David Karowe (co-principal investigator)
    Title: Biosphere-Atmosphere Interactions in a Changing Global Environment, a Research Experience for Undergraduates.
    Source: National Science Foundation

  • Dr. Cindy Linn
    Title: BrdU Positive Neurons.
    Source: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

  • Dr. Cindy Linn
    Title: Retinal Pigment Epithelium Induces Neurogenesis in an Adult Mammal. 
    Source: Faculty Research and Creative Activities Award
  • Dr. Yan Lu
    Title: Identifying and Understanding Connections Between Photosynthesis and Amino Acid Metabolism.
    Source: National Science Foundation

  • Dr. Silvia Rossbach
    Title: Biogeophysics for Optimized Mitigation of Hydrocarbon Contaminated Soils: From Theoretical Developments, Laboratory Experiments to Field Validation.
    Source: Oklahoma State University and Chevron Corporation

  • Dr. John Spitsbergen (co-principal investigator)
    Title: Environmental Signal Transduction: An Interdisciplinary Research Experience for Undergraduates.
    Source: National Science Foundation

  • Dr. Maarten Vonhof (Dr. Robert Eversole, co-principal investigator)
    Title: Additional Testing of the Efficacy of Chitosan to Limit the Growth of Seudogymnoascus Destructans on Experimentally-Infected Bats.
    Source: US Fish and Wildlife Service
  • Dr. Maarten Vonhof
    Title: Examining Urban and Rural White-Tailed Deer: Mortality, Dispersal, and Relatedness.
    Source: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service