Department Committees

Biological Sciences Department Committees



Curriculum Committee

 John Jellies, Dave Karowe, and Yan Lu


Assessment (standing subcommittee)

Monica McCullough and John Geiser


Graduate Policies and Admissions Committee

Jeremy Duncan, Wendy Beane, Ben Koestler, Kathryn Docherty, Pam Hoppe (ex officio as grad program director), and Silvia Rossbach (ex officio as grad advisor)


Advisory Committee

Karim Essani, Tiffany Schriever, Jacqueline Eng, and Brian Tripp


Graduate Advisor

Silvia Rossbach


Graduate Admissions

Pam Hoppe


Ad Hoc Development Committee

Cindy Linn, Wendy Beane, and John Jellies


Ad Hoc DEI Committee

Yan Lu, Megan Larson, John Spitsbergen (ex officio) and grad student (TBA)