Graduate Studies

Master of Arts in communication

30-credit hour master's program in the School of Communication at Western Michigan University integrates communication theory and application, aligning with expectations for doctoral education as well as communication professions. Our program is distinguished by:

  • Nationally-recognized graduate faculty that teach all of our master’s level courses.
  • Capstone experience choices that allow students to personalize their research and applied interests.
  • Our proven track record of faculty and graduate collaborations that result in conference papers, research publications, consulting opportunities and community outreach.
  • Researching and teaching opportunities as well as resources typically associated with Ph.D. programs, within a supportive master’s degree-only environment.

Our graduates pursue careers in nonprofit and corporate leadership, public relations, training and development, human resources, consulting, college teaching and other related fields. They have been accepted to top communication doctoral programs such as Ohio University, University of Tennessee, University of Kentucky, Pennsylvania State University, Purdue University and University of Iowa.

We invite you to talk informally with faculty about our courses and capstone experiences or you can meet with our graduate director or send an e-mail to to discuss how our graduate program can serve you.