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The faculty in the School of Communication at Western Michigan University are the backbone of our programs and services. In order to support our faculty in their research, teaching and development, you may elect to help provide faculty funding and grants.

Your support enriches opportunities for our faculty and enables them to continue their reach into the greater international communication field.

If you are interested in supporting our faculty, please explore these opportunities. Thank you for your interest.

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George and Louise Robeck School of Communication Enhancement Endowment

Dr. George Robeck was a long-time faculty member in the School of Communication. He joined the faculty at WMU in 1968 and retired in December of 2002. While at WMU, he developed and taught courses in interpersonal communication, media studies, public relations and nonverbal communication at both the undergraduate and the graduate levels.

Upon his retirement from WMU, Robeck and his wife, Louise, gifted the School of Communication with an endowment of $100,000. The Robecks’ endowment supports faculty teaching, research and service activities, such as expenses related to new course development, the purchase of research tools and equipment and travel to professional conferences. The need for such funding support increases each year as our outstanding faculty pursue innovations in teaching and research.

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Journalism program

This fund supports activities specifically related to our journalism program, faculty and students. These activities include supporting faculty skill development via workshop attendance and providing students with funds to travel to journalism conferences and workshops. The fund is meant to be an open-ended support option for other journalism-related activities and opportunities that ensure our students are ready for the rapidly-evolving media environment.

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School Director’s Endowed Fund

This School Director's Endowed Fund was established through the generosity of Dr. Steve Rhodes, professor and director emeritus, and his spouse, Ann Rhodes, in collaboration with Randall and Lisa Doran, WMU alumni. Funds generated by this endowment are used at the discretion of the director of the School of Communication in consultation with the School's Executive Committee to meet the goals of the school as they relate to promoting, enhancing and improving the school for both faculty and students.

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