Capstone Experience

A capstone is a comprehensive project that allows students to demonstrate the knowledge and skills they have acquired throughout their time in the program. We offer multiple capstone experience options. Flexible capstone experiences – from completion of innovative coursework, to applied professional projects, to a traditional MA thesis.  

Video of Capstone Options MA in Communication
Check out a video from Dr. Leah Omilion-Hodges summarizing each capstone and how to select the one best suited for your career advancement goals.





 The capstone experience consists of the completion of one of the following options:

Professional project

Students extend their skills and knowledge by engaging in the development of an applied communication experience. The project may involve deliverable such as workshops, case studies, trainings, creation of websites, and communication campaigns. The project consists of three credit hours and is considered part of communication electives

Comprehensive examination

Students complete all 30-credit hours as coursework as well as a culminating exam in which they demonstrate their mastery of communication theory, research, and practice. There are no credit hours.


Students complete an independent research project in which they propose and test new ideas, replicate an existing study or advance theoretical understanding of an issue. The thesis must demonstrate scholarly abilities in research, project development and writing commensurate with the communication discipline.  It consists of six credit hours and is considered part of the communication electives.

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