Digital Media and Journalism Major

The digital media and journalism major in the School of Communication at Western Michigan University prepares students with the interdisciplinary media and information technology competencies required for effective 21st-century communication. This major builds a strong foundation of critical thinking and social responsibility. To complete the major, students then choose one of three sub-discipline emphases: journalism, digital media production, or media management and media technology.

This program will provide you with:

  • Practical skills in journalism, the media professions or media and technology management
  • Understanding of the current media industry and the application of technology in communication
  • Analytical and critical thinking skills related to media messages and media systems

Beyond the classroom

As a digital media and journalism student at WMU, you will may elect to earn internship credits in a wide range of media and organizational settings. You can also gain valuable networking and professional development opportunities through student and community organizations, including participation in the Student Media Group (The Western Herald, WIDR, and/or Young Broadcasters of Tomorrow).

After you graduate

WMU graduates with degrees in digital media and journalism are prepared for careers as:

  • Digital or broadcast journalist
  • News editor
  • Innovation technology manager
  • Broadcast/cable television producer or manager
  • Web designer
  • Press relations specialist

Major requirements

Current requirements for the digital media and journalism major:

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If you are not currently in School of Communication and would like to switch to a digital media and journalism major, please meet with the School of Communication academic advisor.

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