Film, Video, and Media Studies

The film, video, and media studies major is a combination of studying media, video, and film's influence on culture, the impact it has on society, as well as learning applied production skills for work in the industry. You will learn about media from cultural and hands-on perspectives by taking both theory and production classes. Careers with this degree are diverse, giving you many options to consider.

Areas of interest

The film, video, and media studies major equips you with the following skills:

  • Digital non-fiction production
  • Digital fiction production
  • Writing for radio and audio
  • Sound production
  • Communication ethics
  • Website development
  • Global media literacy
  • Digital media and cultural influence
  • TV and film script writing
  • The collaborative process
  • Tools for creativity
  • Interactive media
  • Broadcast news/journalism
  • Sports media
  • Multimedia planning and design
  • Freedom of expression
  • Documentary storytelling

Major requirements

Current requirements for the film, video, and media studies major:

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If you are not currently in School of Communication and would like to switch to a film, video, and media studies major, please meet with the School of Communication academic advisor.

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Recommended Minors

  • User Experience/Human-Computer Interaction (UX/HCI)
  • Journalism 
  • Multimedia Art Technology
  • Theatre
  • English: Writing
  • Gender and Women's Studies
  • Psychology
  • Marketing