Audio Production

James Hickey Audio Lab; audio devices on a deskJames P. Hickey Audio Lab

The James P. Hickey Audio Lab is an audio production facility in the School of Communication at Western Michigan University, and it's much like what can be found in radio stations and recording studios across the country. The lab is used for a variety of course and project related work in the School of Communication. The facility is acoustically balanced and has:

  • Analog audio consoles
  • Broadcast quality microphones
  • Legacy equipment (e.g., record turntable, cassette tape player, DAT tape player, mini-disc player)

State-of-the-art computer hardware and software provide students with the tools necessary for producing any audio project from a radio newscast to soundscapes to podcasts and soundtracks for film and video productions.


The audio lab can be reserved by contacting the School of Communication or stopping by the Clifford Center.

We do not have a set audio lab schedule to post at this time.