User Experience/Human-Computer Interaction (UX/HCI)

The user experience/human-computer interaction (UX/HCI) minor gives students the ability to focus on the interactions between people and computer-based technologies. Students will explore how interactions between people and computers can be used, designed, implemented and evaluated. Taking an interdisciplinary approach, the UX/HCI minor covers a breadth of emerging technologies: AI, bots, social robots, web-based interfaces, and interactive and immersive media.

Students making a video in the green screen room.   Student holding a robot.   Two students stand next to life-size robot.      

Minor requirements

Required courses (18 credit hours; no prerequisite courses)

  • COM 1000: Communication and Community Engagement (3 credits)
  • COM 3540: Web Design and Digital Communication (3 credits)
  • COM 3710: Human-Machine Communication (3 credits)
  • COM 4710: Artificial Intelligence and Interaction (3 credits)
  • Communication and Technology (3 credits) – Choose one:
    • COM 2400: Introduction to Media and Telecommunications
    • COM 3840: Organizational Communication Technologies
    • COM 3980: Independent Study | UX/HCI-related research experiences (need instructor and advisor approval)
    • COM 4490: Communication Technology and Innovation
    • COM 4990: Internship | UX/HCI-related field experiences (Advisor Approval)
  • Interaction Studies (3 credits) – Choose one:
    • COM 1700: Interpersonal Communication
    • COM 2000: Human Communication Theory
    • COM 3400: Global Media Literacy
    • COM 4300: Persuasion and Social Influence
    • COM 4770: Communication Ethics

Declare as a minor

You may declare a user experience/human-computer interaction (UX/HCI)minor online at any time. If you have questions about the declaration form or your requirements, please contact the School of Communication academic advisor.

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Student sitting at a desk working on a laptop.   Two students hook up a small robot to a computer.   Two students interact with robot puppies and kittens.