Teaching: Secondary Education

This program is offered in-person.

This program offers a unique opportunity to earn both a teaching certification for grades 6-12 and a master’s degree within a cohort, 13-month program. Using dynamic and relevant curriculum with a focus on culturally responsive instruction, full-time faculty model learner-centered instructional practices. Candidates experience learning in a supportive cohort community of learners. A full year internship provides candidates with extensive personalized support from mentor teachers as well as program faculty. Secondary education candidates can enter this program through two main pipelines: WMU pre-education undergraduate content degree with an education focus, or with a content degree from WMU or an outside accredited institution.

The MAT in Secondary Education is a thirteen-month intensive cohorted program of study that includes coursework in foundations of education and pedagogy, as well as a year-long clinical experience in local schools.

Why secondary education at Western Michigan University?

  • Increased emphasis on integration of pedagogy, methods and content-area skills

  • Bachelor's degree in subject area provides extensive content knowledge

  • One-year intensive master's degree format

  • Yearlong, supervised internship experience from the start of the public school year in August through the end of the school year in June

  • Cohort program of 25 or fewer students led by full-time faculty members utilizing a team teaching approach

  • Structured co-teaching models with mentor teacher to increase support

  • The College of Arts and Sciences provides the liberal arts core of the university, offering academic programs in the sciences, social sciences and humanities.

  • Our knowledgeable and supportive faculty will prepare candidates for a lifetime of innovating, adapting, learning and leading through immersive learning experiences.

  • High demand
    It is estimated that we will need 69 million new teachers by 2030 to meet global education goals.

    - United Nations, Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

"I wouldn't trade my WMU experience for the world. My classes are amazing and I never feel like support is out of reach."

- Jordan O'Neal, Student (Read more)

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Meet the faculty

Dr. Amy Bentz

Co-Director, Program Coordinator