Student Organizations

  • Aspiring Educators of Michigan (AEM)

    Aspiring Educators of Michigan at WMU (formerly WSEA, SMEA) creates an environment where future educators can communicate, collaborate, and grow to ensure success in the field of education. To fulfill our mission, we hold two meetings a month where aspiring educators at WMU can attend informative presentations, gather career-related insight from professionals in the field, learn about the hard to navigate aspects of education, and most importantly create a community of educators that will outlast our time on campus!

  • Future Teachers of Color

    Mission: The mission of Future Teachers of Color is to bring together future educators of color at WMU with a focus on various topics related to career preparation,academic success, mentorship, community service outreach, and networking skills.

    Vision: The vision of Future Teachers of Color is to produce a network and community on WMU's campus for students pursuing a degree in education, and who have a passion for working in diverse and inclusive environments.

  • Student Council for Exceptional Children (SCEC)

    The purpose of this organization is to provide professional development, networking, and community engagement to students and faculty/staff at Western Michigan University (WMU) interested in working with or supporting children and adults with disabilities. The SCEC members will (1) support the surrounding areas and community of WMU through their advocacy of individuals with disabilities and (2) participate in events and with agencies that support those children and adults and their families. 

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I was looking for a community who understood the struggles or triumphs I was having within the classroom.

Collin Holzberger
Former AEM President
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