CEHD Student Organizations

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  • SDA
  • FTC

Our student organizations:

  • Aspiring Educators of Michigan (AEM)
    President: Allison Beasley

    Aspiring Educators of Michigan at WMU (formerly WSEA, SMEA) creates an environment where future educators can communicate, collaborate, and grow to ensure success in the field of education. To fulfill our mission, we hold two meetings a month where aspiring educators at WMU can attend informative presentations, gather career-related insight from professionals in the field, learn about the hard to navigate aspects of education, and most importantly create a community of educators that will outlast our time on campus!

  • Child Life Club
    President: Maggie King

    The Child Life Club at WMU is a group of students aspiring to be Certified Child Life Specialists seeking to advocate, play, educate and support children and their families. 

  • Counseling Psychology RSO
    Co-Presidents: Sarah Haueisen and Kiana Jean-Baptiste

    The mission of the Counseling Psychology RSO is to promote the development of multiculturally minded psychology professionals. We plan to accomplish this mission through professional development and social justice advocacy within the graduate student community, Western Michigan University, and the Kalamazoo community. We desire to develop mentorship and partnership within the graduate student community.

  • Exercise Science Student Organization (ExSci)
    President: Riley Hobson

    ExSci, the Exercise Science club, is a Registered Student Organization (RSO) whose purpose is to create opportunities for undergraduate exercise science students to network with professionals and students in our field and to provide community work for personal growth and development. Our RSO was created in 2011 and has been accumulating more members over the years. Members can look forward to meeting fellow students, professors, and other faculty, as well as current employees and employers in many fields. We have connections to Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Athletic Trainers, Personal Trainers, Massage Therapists, and Administration. With these relationships we help our members secure internships and jobs, as well as volunteer and shadowing opportunities. By joining ExSci, you are guaranteed to gain valuable relationships, skills, and experiences.

  • Future Teachers of Color (FTC)
    President: Breyana Wilson

    Mission: The mission of Future Teachers of Color is to bring together future educators of color at WMU with a focus on various topics related to career preparation,academic success, mentorship, community service outreach, and networking skills.

    Vision: The vision of Future Teachers of Color is to produce a network and community on WMU's campus for students pursuing a degree in education, and who have a passion for working in diverse and inclusive environments.

  • HESA Masters Student Association
    President: Matthew Alonso

    The purpose of Higher Education and Student Affairs (HESA) Master's Student Association is to provide a forum for master's students in the Higher Education and Student Affairs Leadership program to discuss current issues by providing networking opportunities, planned events, and professional development workshops.

  • Merchandising Opportunities and Design Association (MODA)
    President: Ally Wilson

    Our organization strives to provide entertainment, knowledge, and experience to the members of our community and university. Through our fashion show productions, we allow ourselves to gain the experience needed to be successful in the fashion industry. As an organization that embraces diversity, M.O.D.A. welcomes students from all fields of study.

  • Student Dietetic Association (SDA)
    President: Jennifer Converse

    The Student Dietetic Association is compiled by current dietetic students and others in the campus community interested in food and nutrition. Members benefit from volunteer opportunities, networking, and assistance with the dietetic internship process.

  • Student Council for Exceptional Children (SCEC)

    President: Morgan Lennox

    The purpose of this organization is to provide professional development, networking, and community engagement to students and faculty/staff at Western Michigan University (WMU) interested in working with or supporting children and adults with disabilities. The SCEC members will (1) support the surrounding areas and community of WMU through their advocacy of individuals with disabilities and (2) participate in events and with agencies that support those children and adults and their families. 

  • Sport Management Association at WMU
    President: Michael Schatzley

    The Sport Management Association at WMU is for students looking for a career in sports. The goal of the association is to provide general sports information, internships and volunteer opportunities, networking and much more! We aim to utilize our platform to show future Broncos what our alumni and students of the program have gone on to do and how WMU helped to get them there! 

I was looking for a community that understood the struggles and triumphs I was having within the classroom. When I found AEM, I found a home!

- Collin Holzberger, former President of Aspiring Educators of Michigan

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