• Dr. DeAnna Burt-Nanna

    Dr. DeAnna Burt-Nanna, 2022 Golden Apple Award Recipient

  • Kevin Curiel-Vazquez

    Kevin Curiel-Vazquez, Keystone Early Career Award Recipient

  • Dr. Antonio Flores

    Dr. Antonio Flores, 2022 Outstanding Alumni Award Recipient

  • Dr. Diane Owen-Rogers, 2022 Golden Apple Award Recipient

  • Dr. Mary Kay Vandriel

    Dr. Mary Kay Vandriel, Keystone Meritorious Award Recipient

Event details

2022 CEHD Alumni Awards
Friday, Oct. 14
5:30 p.m., WMU Fetzer Center


2022 award recipients

Dr. DeAnna Burt-Nanna | Ph.D.'09, Educational Leadership: Higher Education
President, Monroe Community College
Golden Apple Award
Kevin Curiel-Vazquez | M.A.'22, Organizational Change Leadership
Chief Operating Officer, Olvera Enterprises
Keystone Early Career Award
Dr. Antonio Flores | M.A.'77, Counseling and Personnel; '17 Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters
President and CEO, Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities
Outstanding Alumni Award 
Dr. Diane Owen-Rogers | B.A.'01, Secondary Education; Ph.D.'14, Evaluation - Interdisciplinary CEHD
Program Administrator, Kalamazoo Regional Educational Service Agency (KRESA)
Golden Apple Award
Dr. Mary Kay VanDriel | Ph.D.'02, Educational Leadership
Retired Vice President of Operations, Cancer, Specialty and Digestive Health, Spectrum Health
Keystone Meritorious Award


Outstanding Alumni Award

The CEHD Outstanding Alumni Award is one of the University's highest alumni awards and is given to alumni who bring distinction to their alma mater through professional achievements and who have enjoyed a high level of success in their careers. 

Golden Apple award

The Golden Apple Award is given to honor two outstanding individuals who graduated from the College of Education and Human Development at Western Michigan University and are presently working or retired from the many professions involved in the educational experience. The individuals will be personally selected by their peers as being representative of educational excellence and commitment. 

Keystone Early Career award

The Keystone Early Career Award is designed to recognize one graduate who has achieved substantial professional growth and advancement within the last ten years in his or her chosen profession in the field of human development. 

Keystone Meritorious Achievement award

The Keystone Meritorious Achievement Award recognizes one graduate (graduation year must be at least 10 years prior to nomination year) who has demonstrated outstanding professional achievements and distinction in the field of human development.