Professional Development Opportunities

Early Career Faculty Group

This group is a collection of CEHD early career faculty members from each department. Hosted by Dr. Suzan Smith-Ayers and Dr. Selena Protacio, the group holds monthly meetings across the academic year to discuss pertinent topics related to professional and personal development for newer faculty members and provide support during the initial appointment year.

Members of the 2022-23 cohort sharing experiences and advice for the newest faculty members at CEHD.

  • Cohorts


    • Tova Sanders
    • Kerry Hegele
    • Katherine A Suender
    • Kwangmin Lee
    • Rena VanDerwall
    • Robert A Randez
    • Jennifer L Coyle
    • Antoinette M London-Johnson Wright


    • Meagan Walsh
    • Meghan Wilkinson
    • Emily Curiel
    • Meredith Reinhart
    • Gemarco Peterson
    • Jennifer Lennon
    • Mindy Holohan 
    • Chuck Bruce
    • Rusty Stitt
    • Mauro Andre
    • Jongho Moon 
    • Beixi Li 
    • Michael Harner