Student Jobs

How to apply for a student job in Education Technology Sservices?

Are you looking for an enjoyable on-campus employment opportunity, a place where you can study at get paid after job duties are completed? Educational Technology Services (ETS), an office within the College of Education and Human Development, accepts applications from students who have a confirmed work study award any time during the year. ETS student employees are typically scheduled between 10 to 15 hours per week and will be responsible for, but not limited to, the following duties:

Student staff will:
• open and close the office and labs
• provide knowledgeable and courteous service to faculty, staff and students
• answer the front desk phone, take messages, transfer calls
• perform daily and weekly maintenance of the office and labs
• assist the office staff with projects and technical support
• adhere to office policies and procedures

If you are interested in applying, please complete the online application and email, mail, or fax it to the address/number listed below. If you have a resume, please send it with your application.


Fax: (269) 387-4333

Mail: Scott Centilli
ETS, Mail Stop 5234
Western Michigan University
1903 West Michigan Ave.
Kalamazoo, MI 49008-5200

We accept applications from students who have a confirmed work study award any time during the year. If you have received your work study award letter, please complete the please complete the application and email it to Scott Centilli, or mail to:

Educational Technology Services
College of Education and Human Development
Western Michigan University
1903 W Michigan Ave
Kalamazoo MI 49008-5234 USA

What does an ETS student employee do?

This position monitors computer labs in Sangren and Kohrman halls, the Student Recreation Center, and provides front desk service to the patrons of ETS by offering a quality customer experience. Full attendance during scheduled work shifts is expected from all employees. Hours of operation vary by semester and session.

Employees are responsible for learning and complying with the requirements below. Continuation of employment depends on satisfactory progress in one's academic program of study and on improving job skills and satisfactory performance of duties.

Computer labs

  1. Provide knowledgeable and friendly service to all users. This requires a solid background in the Windows platform, using Microsoft Office, Internet and email. Training will be provided. Knowledge is expected to develop over time.
  2. Monitor printer paper and toner levels.
  3. Provide software and hardware consultation.
  4. Maintain the labs (e.g., cleaning, reporting malfunctions, stocking paper and supplies) on a daily and weekly basis.
  5. Check users in and out of the computer lab, by use of the check-in and check-out database. Ensure all users are authorized (i.e. current students, faculty, staff, or alumni association members).
  6. Ensure users go to their assigned computers and that they follow policies and posted rules.
  7. Make your presence known. Walk through both labs at least every half hour to check that the labs are clean, supplies are stocked and users are using the lab appropriately.
  8. Assist the ETS staff with projects and technical support as requested.
  9. Support the operation of the computer labs with all issues as they arise.

Front desk

  1. Provide knowledgeable and courteous service to customers. This includes opening and closing the office, answering the phone, taking messages, transferring calls and following office policies and procedures.
  2. Monitor the printer paper and toner.
  3. Check lab keys in and out for classes as needed.
  4. Take work orders for problems called in by college faculty, staff and student employees.
  5. Check equipment in and out as needed to college faculty, staff and students.
  6. Provide checkout equipment consultation for both software and hardware use.
  7. Maintain the office (i.e. cleaning, stocking paper and supplies, ordering supplies and moving equipment as needed).
  8. Assist the staff with projects and technical support as requested.
  9. Support the operation of the service office with all issues as they arise.