CEHD Central Services Team

The central services staff are responsible for supporting the college’s mission and vision through business and administrative functions. While the list of responsibilities is not all inclusive, this page highlights the functions that are most familiar or needed by our faculty and staff. Please contact a central services team member to assist you with your needs.

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Who are we?

Our team is comprised of professionals that provide a robust portfolio of business, administrative, and academic services to our CEHD constituents. Our aim is to provide the highest level of excellence and customer service for these operations to heighten organizational effectiveness, success, and sustainability.

Who can utilize our services? CEHD faculty, staff and students.

Our services

  • Grants

    Provide lead budgetary and administrative support for research and grant projects through specific grant management functions, processes, and procedures. This includes tasks in the following grant life cycles:

    • Award Start Up
    • Award Maintenance
    • Award Expenditures

    For a full listing of tasks and responsibilities, please review the staff/Chair/PI expectation list

    Members of the grant team: Christy Chambers and Erica Martinez

  • Budget

    Oversee and administer college and department finances to ensure appropriate resource allocation, consistency and coherency through the following functions:

    • Budget management and reporting.
    • Forecast financial performance using projection and statistical methodologies.
    • Conduct research and analyze financial disparities.
    • Monitors department and college finances to ensure appropriate resource allocation, consistency and coherency.
    • Works with department/unit directors and others to assess budgetary needs and guide through budgetary process; make budgetary recommendations.

    Members of the budget team: Sarah RasnakeBecky Huntley and Erica Martinez

    For help with your GA or part-time budget, please contact Becky Huntley

  • Human Resources
    • Oversees and administers human resources functions  to ensure compliance with university policies, procedures, applicable laws, regulations and contractual requirements.
    • Maintain extensive knowledge of various collective bargaining agreements.
    • Establish and implement college policies and procedures for human resource functions.
    • Ensure inclusive, equitable, and non-bias practices within the college as it relates to human resources functions.
    • Process hiring paperwork for a diverse portfolio of appointment types across the college.

    Members of the human resources team: Erica Martinez and Becky Huntley

  • Admissions
    • Manages the admission life cycle for all graduate programs within the college from application to admission.
    • Provide customer service and answer questions for students applying for graduate programs.
    • Partner with admissions, chairs, and leadership for best practice and processes for admission yield activity.

    Members of the admissions team: Lynda Root and Tammie DeRyder

  • Scheduling and Registration
    • Manage schedule building for all department, both on/off campus, for all programs across the college.
    • Facilitate all operations and tasks for the scheduling life cycle from initiation to completion.
    • Remove course restrictions for students and oversee respective approval processes for course registration.
    • Liaison with departments on course scheduling processes.

    Members of the scheduling and registration team: Lynda Root and Tammie DeRyder

Meet the team