CEHD Study Abroad

Study abroad is a crucial part of global learning and in CEHD, we offer many program specific experiences. These immersive cultural experiences help students to develop their academic and personal horizons as well as transforming their interactive skills when communicating with different cultures and settings. Employers are seeking globally fluent candidates who have an understanding of society, ethnicities and cultures unlike their own. CEHD believes that study abroad can be a vital step in expanding your global learning and thus continuously develops new and innovative study abroad opportunities. 

CEHD program specific study abroad opportunities
  • Study abroad scholarship

    The College of Education and Human Development offers a number of study/internship abroad scholarships of up to $1,000 toward the cost of a study abroad experience. All degree-seeking CEHD students can apply for this scholarship and may do so through WMU's ScholarshipUniverse system. Student's should prepare: a letter of acceptance from proposed study abroad program; a 1-2 page essay; a list of other financial aid/scholarships received.

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