Registration Help

Registration and class information

Department approval needed

Find the department the class is located in to get more information.

Contact the Office of Clinical Experiences for registration in the pre-internships listed below:

  • ED 4500 and 3710 (elementary education pre-internship)
  • ED 4060 and 4065 (secondary education pre-internship
  • ED 4085 and 4086 (secondary education pre-internship)

All full semester teaching internships, also refer to the Office of Clinical Experiences.

For ED 4090 and 4700 (early childhood internship), complete the application.


If you cannot register because you have a hold on your account, contact the department who placed the hold. They can provide information about how to clear the hold so you may register.

To find your hold information:

  1. Log into GoWMU
  2. Find "Registration" in the "My Self Service" box
  3. Select "My Holds"

Registration errors