Registration Error Messages

Approval Required

Department, advisor, instructor, regional site or study abroad approval is required to enroll in this section. Contact the appropriate office.

Campus Restriction

Registration is being attempted in an honors section for which the student is not eligible to enroll. The title of all honors courses ends in HC. For example, Calculus I – HC is the honors section of Math 1220.

Class Restriction

The section is restricted by class standing—freshman, sophomore, junior or senior—and the student has a different classification.

Closed section

Enrollment in the section has reached its designated capacity.

Closed Waitlist

Enrollment in the section has reached its designated capacity and the section has been enabled for waitlisting. The number of students already on the waitlist will be displayed. If the waitlist is also at its designated capacity the student will not be able to add themselves to it.

Corequisite Error

Co-requisites are two different courses with different course numbers that must be taken during the same semester. When registering for co-requisite courses the CRN’s must be submitted at the same time.

Dupl Crse with SEC—CRN

Registration for two sections of the same course is being attempted. The system does not allow registration in more than one section of the same course unless the sections are linked together.

Level Restriction

The section is restricted by level—undergraduate or graduate—and the student has a different level.

Link Error—B1 Required

Some courses have lecture and lab sections which are linked together and require registration in one lecture section and one lab section. The lecture sections are designated by L1 for the first lecture, L2 for the second, and so on. The lab sections are designated by B1, B2, etc. The L1 sections require registration in a B1 section, the L2 sections required registration in a B2 section, etc. When registering for linked courses the CRN’s must be submitted at the same time.

Major Restriction

The section is restricted to students with a certain major and the student has a different major.

Maximum Hours Exceeded

The student is attempting to register for more credits than the maximum allowed.

Not attended since re-admit term

Admission status is not active. Contact the Office of Admissions for assistance.

Preq and Test Score Error

There is a prerequisite or test score requirement on the course that the student has not met. Contact the department for assistance.

Repeat Hours—Exceeded Allowed Attempts

Course limit for repeats has been exceeded.

Reserved Closed

There are no unreserved seats available for that section and the student does not qualify for the reserved seats.

Time Conflict with CRN

The section is in time conflict with another section on the student’s schedule.

Section Not Active—registration not permitted

The section has been canceled and is not offered this semester.