The waitlisting option: 

  • Provides students the option of adding themselves to a waitlist in closed sections of a course.
  • Does not guarantee students a seat, but does reserve their place in line should a seat become available.
  • Is not available for all sections. If the section can be waitlisted the WL Rem column on the Course Offerings will be greater than zero.

How to join a waitlist

In order to be presented with the option to join a waitlist, the student must first attempt to add the desired section to their schedule. In GoWMU when a student enters the CRN of a closed class they will receive the registration add error message Closed – # waitlisted, where # will represent the number of students already on the waitlist. The student may join the waitlist by changing the status to Waitlist and clicking Submit Changes. No action is required if the student does not wish to be put on the waitlist.

Students will only be permitted to join a waitlist if they satisfy all course restrictions and prerequisites. A student will not be allowed to join the waitlist if the time of the course conflicts with a course already on their schedule or if it conflicts with a course they have previously waitlisted. If at any point a student wishes to be removed from the waitlist they can do so through GoWMU by going into Add/Drop Course and changing the waitlist status to Drop Course.

If a seat becomes available

If a seat becomes available an e-mail will be sent to the student’s wmich.edu e-mail account letting them know that the section they have waitlisted is open. The email will include instructions on how to register for the course in GoWMU. Students will not be registered for the course automatically. The seat will be held for 24 hours from the time of notification, during which time the student can register for it through GoWMU. After that time frame the student will automatically be removed from the waitlist and the course will be offered to the next student in the waitlist queue.