Student Success

Who are we?

Student success is our priority. Our CEHD student success advisors and graduate assistants works with you to ensure you have what you need to reach your full potential. Our student success advisor is available to meet with you to set goals and get on track. You can meet with the advisor to set personal and academic goals, address factors impacting academic performance, get connected to campus and community resources, or receive help navigating emergency situations, hardships, account holds, or finances. Our success advisor can also offer resources for study and test-taking strategies, time management, self-care, and motivation for students who request assistance.

Who can utilize our services? All CEHD undergraduate students.

My advisors made me feel like I belong and that I made the right decision to be a Bronco.

- Hailey Timmerman, alumna

Our Services

  • 1:1 CliftonStrengths Coaching

    Understand your strengths. Talk to your student success advisor about your strengths results and receive coaching on how to best utilize them in every area of your life. 

    Don’t know your CliftonStrengths? That’s ok! While some students learn their Clifton Strengths in FYE 2100, others do not. Your student success advisor can provide you with an access code and get you going on your Strengths journey.

  • CEHD Student Success Check-In

    CEHD Student Success Check-In: Advisors will reach out to various students during any given semester for a required Check-In.  

    *Requires students to complete a “Needs Assessment” intake form, which can be found when making your booking.

  • CEHD General Success Coaching

    CEHD General Success Coaching: More broadly, any CEHD student can voluntarily book a one-on-one general success coaching session with CEHD-Success. Students can chat with an advisor about anything that is important in their life. There is no limit to how many general success coaching appointments a student can make. Here, we partner together to uncover how to overcome obstacles and capitalize on triumphs.

  • CEHD 2010: Academic Discovery

    This one credit-hour course focuses on the development of strategies for overcoming barriers to academic and personal success. Students will explore academic skills and non-cognitive barriers, connect with their strengths to develop an internal motivation to sustain academic success, and either choose or affirm a career focus through career assessment and exploration of campus and community resources.



Meet the team

Upcoming student events

Government and Nonprofit Job Fair

Date: Feb. 7
Time: 10:00am
Location: Bernhard Center

Elite Employer Sponsor:  Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services

This event serves WMU students studying in all academic programs and majors who have a desire to work at nonprofit organizations or government agencies/entities. Candidates are available for internship and full-time positions.

Career Fair

Date: Feb. 9
Time: 10:00am

Career Fair attracts candidates from aviation, business, healthcare, integrated supply chain management, IT, and liberal arts (non-hard sciences). Candidates are available for internship and full-time positions.