Student Success

Here in the College of Education and Human Development at Western Michigan University, the success of students is our priority. As a part of our model, the Student Success Center (SSC) works with all undergraduate students in the college to assure that all students have what they need to ultimately reach their full potential.

Service Continuity Update (7/7/2021)

By now, you have received multiple communications from President Montgomery and our Provost, Dr. Jennifer Bott, regarding the university’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak, and now the safe return plan. WMU remains open and the College of Education & Human Development Student Success Center is here to meet your needs. The College of Education & Human Development Student Success Center is available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. or by individual appointment. Please note: All visitors will need to follow the university's COVID-19 protocol for face-to-face visits. If you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, you will be asked to either wait to meet or schedule a virtual visit.

In alignment with the university's safe return plan, the College of Education & Human Development Student Success Center will offer a hybrid of options for service. While most work will remain remote until the week of August 23, a success personnel will be available on campus two days of the week. You will still be able to receive assistance via text, email, phone, and video chat.

To connect to your coach, you can contact them directly, or call the front desk at (269) 387-3474. Phone calls will be attended in the order received.

You may contact your Success Coach directly via email, phone, or text:

Melissa Holman, Director of Student Success

Your success is our top priority and we will do our best to serve your needs. Thank you for your patience and be well!

Why Student Success?

We know that when students feel supported they are more likely to be successful. We recognize the role of family to the success of each student, and we see ourselves as an extension of the family for each student. The CEHD Student Success Center has a team of professionals who are attentive to the needs of students. The staff advocates on the behalf of our students to provide a better higher education experience. In addition to the listed services provided, student success staff assist students in navigating college life. Sometimes this may look like helping students plan for opportunities in leadership, study abroad, or academics. It may also be helping students to navigate emergency situations, hardships, account holds, or finances.

The Student Success Center requires all new beginning freshmen to have a success appointment in the first semester. Beyond first semester, any student can set appointments to see a success coach at any point. You must be a college student at Western Michigan University to take part in this service.

Success coaching appointments

Students will set an academic, engagement, and a personal goal of their choice. Throughout the semester, the student and their success coach will communicate to ensure the student has access to resources to be successful. The SSC also offers coaching in study and test-taking strategies, time management, self-care, and motivation for students who request assistance.

CliftonStrengths® Coaching Appointments

We believe that the more a student knows about self, the better prepared they are to be at their personal best. Through taking the CliftonStrengths® Assessment, students are given the language and ability to maximize their natural talents and apply them where it matters most. There are Gallup®- certified coaches that will lead students through their results, and assist them with applying their talents to academics, engagement, career, finances, and wellness goals. To learn more about WMU's initiatives on CliftonStrengths® please visit the Office of Student Transition's webpage. To set an appointment with a Strengths® coach in the Student Success Center, please indicate that you would like Strengths® coaching in the reason for your visit.

Make a success or advising appointment

The Student Success Center also offers:

  • CEHD 2010: Academic Discovery. CEHD 2010 is a semester-long course to assist students in establishing skills to become successful at the university through self discovery. Students will be invited to take part in the course, but can also request to take part.
  • Events and activities. Please check the events page to see what is happening this semester!



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