Student Success

Here in the College of Education and Human Development at Western Michigan University, the success of students is our priority. Our student success coaches work with undergraduate students in the college to assure that all students have what they need to ultimately reach their full potential.

Student Success Services

We know that students who feel supported are more likely to be successful. Any CEHD undergraduate student can schedule an appointment to meet with a student success coach. Students can meet with a success coach to set personal and academic goals, address factors impacting academic performance, get connected to campus and community resources, or receive help navigating emergency situations, hardships, account holds, or finances. Success coaches can also offer resources for study and test-taking strategies, time management, self-care, and motivation for students who request assistance.

Make a success or advising appointment

The college also offers CEHD 2010: Academic Discovery. CEHD 2010 is a semester-long course to assist students in establishing skills to become successful at the university through self discovery. Students will be invited to take part in the course, but can also request to take part.


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