As the cornerstone of Western Michigan University, the College of Education and Human Development continues to build upon its rich tradition of excellence by facilitating the preparation and growth of pre K-12 teachers, community educators, innovative designers, and health and wellness professionals.

  • Undergraduate programs

    The college currently offers over 20 majors and over 10 minor options in the fields of education and human development, creating numerous degree possibilities for students with a variety of interests. Undergraduate students are advised through the CEHD Office of Admissions and Advising.

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  • Graduate programs

    CEHD currently offers over 50 graduate credential opportunities including graduate certificates, master’s degrees, a specialist program, and doctoral degrees. Graduate advisors are located in the departments.

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Claim success

Student success is our priority. Our CEHD student success advisors and graduate assistants works with you to ensure you have what you need to reach your full potential. Our student success advisor is available to meet with you to set goals and get on track. You can meet with the advisor to set personal and academic goals, address factors impacting academic performance, get connected to campus and community resources, or receive help navigating emergency situations, hardships, account holds, or finances. Our success advisor can also offer resources for study and test-taking strategies, time management, self-care, and motivation for students who request assistance.

Who can utilize our services? All CEHD undergraduate students.

  • Success services

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    CEHD 2010: Academic Discovery

So, you want to be a teacher?

  • Early childhood pathways

    Our dynamic pathway model encourages students to select the preparatory pathway best aligned with their academic interests and career goals. Program offerings prepare students for work in a variety of care, teaching, and service settings with young children. Pathways include majors that do and do not lead to teacher certification.

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  • All teacher education pathways

    With high demand for teachers nationwide, it’s an excellent time to start your education career. At WMU, we understand the demand for teachers and are making it easier than ever before for students to earn their initial teacher certifications and expand their knowledge base through both traditional and fast-track programming.

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Get involved with TRIO

The TRIO Future Educator Success Program is a federally funded grant program that promotes the success of future educators from Western Michigan University. We offer career and graduate school exploration, financial assistance, leadership opportunities, mentorship and more to teaching majors who are first-generation, income-eligible students or students with disabilities.