College of Education and Human Development High Five Award

Multiple hands giving a "high five"

Please note: the CEHD staff advisory committee is currently running a trial of the High Five Award with the new process below. Criteria may be revised.

This award recognizes College of Education and Human Development staff members who deserve to be recognized. Any staff member (full or part time) may be recognized by anyone (faculty, staff or student).

How it works

  • Fill out the High Five Award form (below) for the CEHD staff member you want to recognize.
    • Include a recent example of why the person deserves to be recognized.
    • You can choose whether or not to remain anonymous on the award. If you choose to remain anonymous, your name will not be included in the High Five Award.
  • The CEHD staff advisory committee receives the form.
  • At the subsequent staff advisory committee meeting, the committee will put the recognition into a card and deliver via campus mailboxes and through an email to the college.
    • Note: the card will include direct quotes from the High Five Award form.
    • The CEHD staff advisory committee meets every other month during the fall and spring semesters.

High five award form

Minimum of 25 words. Include recent example of why person deserves recognition.