Western Michigan University Office of Teacher and Administrator Certification provides accurate information regarding the current laws, timelines, requirements and processes for Michigan certification; advises those in pursuit of certifications and licensure, additional endorsements or higher level degrees; and collects, reports and disseminates data on our programs.

Certification is required

Michigan law requires that a person employed in an elementary or secondary school with instructional responsibilities shall hold a certificate, permit or vocational authorization valid for the positions to which they are assigned. This law fosters the educational achievement of all Michigan youth and adults, pre-K through grade 12, by ensuring that all professional school personnel complete quality preparation and professional development programs that meet standards established by the Michigan legislature and the State Board of Education.

Michigan Certification Resources

Michigan's administrative rules change frequently. Certificate holders are responsible for understanding the effects of any changes. Please access the certification resources listed to keep current with changes.

Out-of-state certification resources