Tk20 by Watermark

Beginning fall 2016, the College of Education and Human Development incorporated a new software system—Tk20 by Watermark—into all of our programs. Tk20 allows students to collect their key assignments and documents in one place, view their progress through their program, document their clinical experiences, and develop a shareable portfolio for future opportunities. This system also provides a platform for planning, collection and assessment of student data and objectives to ensure that students are well prepared for their chosen professions and to satisfy assessment related requirements of internal and external stakeholders.

Support and resources

  • Tk20 by Watermark resources

    Tk20 provides a variety of support resources for its users. The Tk20 help desk has short step-by-step guides and some tutorial videos to help users accomplish tasks in the system. In addition, the frequently asked questions section contains contact information for Tk20 support and information regarding accessibility, compatibility and privacy.

  • Quick guides
  • University resources

    Use the Tk20 question form for questions related to navigation, function and assessment in Tk20. The college's Tk20 support team will respond to queries Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Please direct questions regarding course content to the faculty associated with the specific course.

  • Student fees

    All students enrolled in a College of Education and Human Development program will be charged a Tk20 activation fee of up to $100. This fee, which will post to the student's University account, allows for access to and use of Tk20 throughout their enrollment at WMU.