Administrator Certification Program

As outlined in the Administrator Certification Administrator Rules, beginning September 1, 2018, school administrators, whose primary responsibility is to administer instructional programs, are required to hold a valid School Administrator Certificate. 

To obtain your School Administrator Certificate through Western Michigan University, the following requirements must be completed. 

  1. Complete one of the approved school administrator certificate and/or endorsement programs, through the Department of Educational, Leadership, Research and Technology. Please make sure to work with the faculty program coordinator and obtain a signed program. All students must follow the new standards.
  2. Background Check—must be completed within the last two years (if you do not already hold a Michigan Department of Education approved certificate). A Michigan iChat  will meet this requirement. If you have any convictions, a Judgment of Sentence, Register of Action, or Case History must also be on file in the certification office prior to a certification recommendation.
  3. Official transcripts showing the approved master's degree and/or courses beyond the master's degree (if not earned at Western Michigan University) must be on file at the University.
  4. Apply for the appropriate School Administrator Certificate in the Michigan Online Educator Certification System— if you do not already have an account set up, please view the Michigan Department of Education MOECS Login and Access guidance document.
  5.  Report convictions—honestly report any conviction or civil infraction, excluding speeding tickets.
  6. University review and recommendation—after application, your identified university will review and recommend the application. Please allow five to seven business days for this process; a conviction may delay this process.
  7. Pay for your certificate—The Michigan Department of Education charges a $160 fee for the School Administrator Certificate, and the same for the Central Office Endorsement.
  8. Print your certificate—Once the fee is paid, print the certificate and obtain notarization. The School Administrator Certificate and/or Central Office Endorsement is valid for five years.

Please direct questions about this process to the Certification Office or the faculty program coordinator, Dr. Waye "Rusty" Stitt.

This information is intended to cover most, but not all, situations. WMU reserves the right to modify these decisions as needed to ensure compliance with state laws and policies governing certification.