School Counselor License and Endorsement

School Counselor License

If you have completed an approved school counseling program at Western Michigan University and are seeking certification or licensure, please follow this application process.  

  1. Complete an approved School Counseling License or Endorsement program
  2. Pass the School Counselor (#051) MTTC Subject Exam—be sure to have your scores sent to Western Michigan University when you register for the exam.
  3. Submit background check results—A recent (within the last two years) background check must be on file in the certification office before we can recommend you for certification. A Michigan iChat  will meet this requirement. If you have any convictions, a Judgment of Sentence, Register of Action, or Case History must also be on file in the certification office prior to a certification recommendation
  4. Apply for preliminary authorization, school counseling license, or school counseling endorsement in the Michigan Online Educator Certification System. If you do not already have a Michigan Online Educator Certification System account, please view the directions to create an initial account.
  5. Report convictions—honestly report any conviction or civil infraction, excluding speeding tickets.
    • Must report conviction information on all of your applications for current certification and all future certifications.
    • Provide the Judgment of Sentence, Register of Actions or Case History for each offense to our office.
  6. University review and recommendation—after application, your identified university will review and recommend the application. Please allow five to seven business days for this process; a conviction may delay this process.
  7. Pay for your license—Once the certification office has recommended you, you will receive email notification of your final approval and required fee from the Michigan Online Educator Certification System
  8. Print your license—Once the fee is paid, you will need to print your certificate and obtain notarization. 

If you have any questions about this process, please contact our office.