Annual Reporting Measures

The Council for the Accreditation of Education Preparation, or CAEP, "monitors how the Education Preparation Provider publicly reports candidate performance data and other consumer information on its website." (Policy 6.01; p.25, CAEP Accreditation Policy)

In April 2020, the Council for the Accreditation of Education Preparation (CAEP) granted Accreditation at the initial and advanced levels to Western Michigan University until spring 2027. Accreditation documents are linked below.

Accreditation letter and additional information

Accreditation action report

Annual Reporting Measures

Michigan Department of Education Score Reports

The annual Educator Preparation Institution (EPI) Score Report issued by the Michigan Department of Education was comprised of three measures: Michigan Test for Teacher Certification subject area tests, survey data from candidates and university supervisors, and teacher effectiveness ratings for program completers. Since 2018, the Michigan Department of Education has worked on updating the EPI score reporting criteria. Therefore, 2018 scores were reported in a different format, no EPI performance scores were issued for 2019, and only unpublished 2020 scores based on legacy calculations were provided to EPIs. Due to these changes, we have provided seven years of EPI performance score information.

Western Michigan University Annual Performance Scores from 2014 to 2018 and 2020

Program Impact Measures

1. Impact on P-12 learning and development

Data indicates that WMU prepared pre-service (intern) teachers positively impact P-12 student learning and development. Data on in-service teachers has been delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Intern teacher impact on P-12 student learning and development
  • Case study plan to assess the impact of WMU prepared teachers on P-12 student learning and development

2. Indicators of teaching effectiveness

WMU prepared teachers are consistently rated Highly Effective or Effective by their principals during their first three years of teaching. 

3. Satisfaction of employers and employment milestones

Employers are very satisfied with WMU prepared teachers.

  • 2019 principal survey data
  • During 2020, the Michigan Department of Education has been working with a stakeholder group of PK-12 and higher education professionals to develop a statewide principal survey. Survey implementation is planned for spring or summer 2021. 2020 survey data on WMU prepared teachers will be provided here when it is available in fall 2021 or spring 2022.

4. Satisfaction of completers

Part of the Michigan Department of Education's Year Out Survey asks first year teachers about their satisfaction with specific aspects of their preparation program.  Despite a low return rate, survey results indicate that WMU completers in their first year of teaching are extremely satisfied with most of their preparation, but indicate that there are some areas for improvement. A comparison of Michigan Department of Education survey results from first year teachers, intern teachers, and intern teacher supervisors provides an interesting perspective on how perception of various aspects of teacher preparation vary by role and experience.

WMU also holds focus groups where initial and advanced program completers can discuss their satisfaction with their WMU preparation program.  Focus group results are shared below.

During summer and fall 2019 focus groups, initial program completers were very satisfied with their WMU preparation and especially appreciated:

  • Relationships with faculty
  • Small class sizes that promoted strong support and relationships
  • Study abroad experiences
  • Multiple diverse clinical experiences

During the fall 2019 focus group, advanced program completers were also very satisfied with their WMU preparation and especially appreciated:

  • Relationships with faculty
  • Flexibility of course delivery methods and scheduling
  • Integration of clinical experiences within current employment
  • Rigorous coursework that encouraged personal and professional growth

Program Outcome Measures and Consumer Information

5. Graduation rates

6. Ability of completers to meet licensing (certification) and any additional state requirements; Title II

Most WMU education program completers are able to meet certification requirements.

7. Ability of completers to be hired in education positions for which they have prepared

WMU education program graduates are able to find jobs they like in their areas of preparation.

8. Student loan default rates and other consumer information