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Vision and mission

CEHD equity and inclusion vision

To be the premiere choice for diverse learners and the leader in promoting equitable and inclusive learning and teaching environments that promote anti-racist, anti-bias and anti-oppressive practices.

CEHD equity and inclusion mission statement

Cultivating a culture of equity and inclusion that is respectful of different perspectives, ideas, thoughts and people.

We believe

  • Micro-aggression, oppression, racism, bigotry, bias and white supremacy are harmful to CEHD students and employees.
  • Accountability through action is necessary to support equitable and respectful treatment of all.
  • Equity and inclusion are critical for student and employee recruitment and retention.
  • Recruitment and retention of students and employees reflective of our domestic and international communities is ethical and responsible.
  • On-going training, evaluation and reflection as a college and as individuals are necessary to foster cultural engagement.
  • Commitment to equitable and inclusive policies and practices prepare learners for participation in our global society.
  • Every student, faculty and staff in our college is a valued member of our community; therefore, respect and civility should guide our differences.

Inclusion and diversity videos

View the videos on the CEHD IDC YouTube page.



Equity and inclusion statement

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